How far we have come

Lior Babadost, the founder of Exceptional Pictures had already started working in the field of photography and film in 2003 as a young entrepreneur. 

He participated in a wide range of Austrian TV productions, as well as in private projects, and had the chance to continuously improve his skills and build a network of contacts within the industry worldwide. 

Lior Babadost also gained a great deal of experience abroad, at numerous film production companies and studios.

All this led to the foundation of Exceptional Pictures in November 2011 based in Vienna.

The company focuses mainly on dreaming up fresh, genuine concepts, exploring and promoting them to meet each and every client’s demands and to introduce novel ideas paired with high-end equipment.


All equipment used within the production process is of highest quality.

The cameras for filming are by RED and ARRI, which are  among the top level brands being used in Hollywood.

The entire postproduction procedure takes places in our fully-equipped studios all over the world, with the main branch being located in Vienna.

High-quality 3D Renderings are done with

  • Autodesk -Maya
  • -3DS MAX
  • -Softimage
  • and Next Limit Realflow

Editing is processed with

  • Avid and Final Cut Pro

For color corrections are done by

  • DaVinci Resolve

For visual effects and motion graphics:

  • Adobe After Effects
  • The Foundry Nuke


As a result of sucessful projects worldwide Exceptional Pictures has also a sustainable reputation across Austrian borders and is continously establishing itself on the international market and plans to reinforce its collaborations with partners abroad.

Focus will be mainly on Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Usbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Israel, France, the UK and the US.

Therefore, the company plans to transform from a sole proprietorship into a LLC and to expand abroad.

The scope of services offered by Exceptional Pictures ranges from filmprojects to specific requests and demands concerning multimedia.

The portfolio of projects shall cover

  • assignments by key accounts
  • music videos
  • promotion clips
  • shortfilms
  • movies

as well as projects realized for private costumers.

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